Station Lifeboat

The Severn Class, 17m lifeboat, constructed of fibre reinforced composite material, is the largest in the RNLI’s fleet and weighs over 40 tonnes. She has a top speed of 25 knots with a range of over 300 nm.

Powered by twin Caterpillar 1,250 HP 3412 TA marine diesel engines and a  fuel capacity of 5,500 litres. Normally she carries a crew of 6 with room for a doctor if needed. A Y-Class inflatable boat is stored on top of the wheelhouse; this can be lowered by the crane when needed – usually when operating in shallow water or it can also be used to transfer persons between vessels

As with all of the RNLI’s All Weather Lifeboats, the Severn has a self righting capability. The Severn carries a complete first aid kit, including a basket stretcher, Neil Robertson stretcher, oxygen and entonox. Amongst other equipment, a portable salvage pump is also carried.

The Severn class have a comprehensive electronics system which includes full MF & VHF DSC radio, electronic chart system, radar & weather sensors.

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