6th March 2016

05.30am start for lifeboat crew this morning. Fishing boat with mechanical problems. Towed to safety of Rosslare Europort.
E. O’Rourke, Coxswain. K. Morris, Mechanic. Crew.. K.Miller. A.Sheil. P.Quirke. E.Quirke. P.McCormack.

20th March 2016

Rosslare Harbour lifeboat put to sea this lunchtime to assist a 12 meter yacht stranded on a sandbank off Blackwater Head on the north Wexford coast.
COXSWAIN Art Sheil. MECHANIC Keith Morris CREW Micheal Ferguson, Paul McCormack, Shane Kavanagh.

30th March 2016

Rosslare Harbour lifeboat out early this morning to attend an injured person working on Tuskar Rock lighthouse.
COXSWAIN E.O’Rourke. MECHANIC M. Nicholas. CREW A. Sheil M. Ferguson. K. Morris. S. Kavanagh. P.McCormack.


20th April 2016

Lifeboat launched to assist  a yacht grounded in the mouth of Wexford harbour. Along with Wexford RNLI, the yacht was re floated and continued her journey .

COXSWAIN Eamonn O’Rourke. MECHANIC Keith Morris. CREW A.Sheil, M.Ferguson, S.Breen, P.Quirke, K. Doran

8th May 2016

Early Sunday morning  call out to assist a local fishing boat with mechanical problems. Towed in to the safety of Rosslare Harbour. Flat calm, dense fog. Water temperature 10.6 degrees. Air temperature 10.9 degrees

COXSWAIN E.O’Rourke.MECHANIC M.Nicholas. CREW A.Sheil, K.Morris, P.McCormack, S Breen, K. Doran.


June 16th  2016


Evening call to assist 4 round UK rowers. worsening weather and their water maker had malfunctioned. Back in the pen at midnight.

July 23rd 2016

While out on a weekly lifeboat exercise Rosslare RNLI volunteer lifeboat crew were called out by the Coast Guard to two separate incidents.

The first incident, which occurred close to the Burrow point at Rosslare Strand, involved a small dog that had run across mud flats heading for the open sea. Rosslare Harbour lifeboat deployed its daughter boat and two volunteer lifeboat crew quickly located the dog and a local man who had gone to help. Both man and dog were found to be safe and made their way back to land.  The two RNLI volunteers retuned to the lifeboat and immediately were tasked to assist a yacht which had suffered mechanical failure.

Due to very calm conditions, the yacht was unable to continue its journey and requested assistance. Rosslare Harbour lifeboat reached the yacht, located a few miles southeast of Carnesore Point, off the Wexford coast. A tow established and the eight-metre yacht was brought towards Kilmore Quay where the RNLI all-weather lifeboat stationed at Kilmore Quay took over the tow and brought the yacht to safety.
Sea conditions were calm and with visibility fair.


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