January 10th. Launched at 8.30 to search the area after reports of flare sightings. After an extensive search, with nothing found, the lifeboat returned to pen at 10.30

February 5th. Lifeboat on standby as requested by Coast Guard as a fire on board an inbound ferry caused concern. The ferry crew extinguished the fire and shortly after the lifeboat was stood down.

February 11th. A 10 meter fishing boat capsized and later sank approx 2kms north of Rosslare Europort. The lifeboat & boarding boat launched . On scene, the boarding boat rescued a fisherman from the water and transfered two others from another trawler in the area and returned the three fishermen to the lifeboat house for first aid and later transfer to hospital. The ALB returned to the scene to remove items floating. Lifeboat returned to pen at 14.10. Air temperature 9 degrees. Water temp 8.5 degrees. Sea calm & good


March 23rd. An early morning call at 00.33 saw the lifeboat launched to a yacht some 27 miles north east of Rosslare Harbour. The yacht had a total loss of power and being unable to sail, called the Coast Guard for assistance. The lifeboat reached the yacht at 02.05 and towed back to the safety of the harbour. Lifeboat alongside and tied up 06.00. Water temp 8.0 degrees. Air temp 9.5 degrees. Wind NW. Calm fair visibility.

May 19th.

June 14th.

June 26th. 14 meter yacht entangled in fishing gear 12 miles SE of Tuskar Rock Lighthouse . Wind 15 knts . visibility good 

October 25th.   Rosslare Harbour RNLI volunteers participating in a Sunday morning exercise in Rosslare Bay were diverted to a local fishing vessel with an injured crewman on board. The fishing vessel was a mile north east of Rosslare Europort.The RNLI volunteers assisted the injured fisherman on board the lifeboat where first aid was given. The lifeboat returned to the station where the injured fisherman was transferred to a waiting ambulance.The weather was good at the time with light westerly winds and morning sunshine.
November 25 th.     A  10 meter fishing vessel entangled in fishing rope assisted by Rosslare Harbour lifeboat and towed back to Rosslare Europort. The vessel was 13 miles north of Rosslare Europort. Light wind F3 WNW. Water temperature 12.9 degrees.  Air temp. 13.9 degrees. Visibility excellent..



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