February 20th.  The first service of the year, saw the Rosslare Harbour lifeboat launched at 11.30 to the assistance of a 30 meter trawler with a fouled propeller, located one mile east of Carnesore Point. Tow was established and the vessel was brought to the safety of Rosslare Harbour. Visibility good.Wind SW 6/7. Water temperature 10 degrees. Air temperature 11 degrees

May 16th. The lifeboat was launched at 14.30 under K.Miller as Coxswain.

June 26th.  Lifeboat was launched at 7.30 pm and made her way to Carnesore  Point, to a reported sighting of two people stranded on rocks. After a thorough check using the inshore Daughter craft from the lifeboat, it was found the people had returned safely to the shore.The lifeboat returned to pen at 8.30pm. Wind light NE 4/5. Water temperature 12.5 degrees. Air temperature 16 degrees .

July 17th. Lifeboat was launched at 15 .15 to help search for a person reported missing from a beach near Curracloe. The person concerned was located quickly & the lifebaot returned home.  Wind S 2-3. Air temperature 19 degrees.Water 16.5 degrees

July 18th. At 9.15 the lifeboat launched to an 8 meter yacht with broken rudder about mile and half north of Rosslare peir. The yacht was towed into the port to safety. No lives were in danger. Wind SE 18 knots. Air temperature 17.3 degrees. Water temperature 16.1 degrees. Visibility poor due to fog.

August 22nd. Two seperate vessels. A 10m motor yacht & a 5m RIB both  fouled propellers in lobster fishing gear. The initial launch was at 14.28 to the first incident. Whilst travelling home the second call came in to assist the other boat. Both  boats  were freed and continued their journey. Lifeboat back in pen by half four. Wind SE 7 knots. Air temp 17 degrees. Water temp 16 degrees. Visibility good

 September 11 th. At 5pm Rosslare Harbour lifeboat was launched as a result of a request from three crew members of a 20m ketch yacht. The yacht had developed engine failure east of Cahore Point on the north Wexford coast. The yacht which was en route to Carlingford was taken in tow back to the safety of Rosslare Europort. lifeboat returned to pen 22.30. Calm conditions . Slight SE breeze. Visibility good .Air temp 17 degrees. Water temp 16 degrees. 


September 18th. Rosslare Harbour lifeboat launched at 20.45  to assist an 8 metre  motor cruiser with three on board. The motor cruiser had developed fuel problems and was towed back to Rosslare Europort. Visibility fair/good. Wind NE force 5/6. Air temp. 16 degrees. Water temp. 15.9 degrees.

October 12th. Launched 18.30. Rosslare Harbour Lifeboat launched to assist in the search for a person  missing overboard from a ferry out of Rosslare Europort. The person was quickly located and transfered to hospital. Visibility good. Wind NE 4-5. Air temperature 14 degrees. Water 14 degrees

December 30th. Launched 11.20. A small fishing boat entangled in ropes seeks help. Rosslare Harbour lifeboat  responded immediatly by towing the vessel back to the safety of the harbour. All well and back home by 12.30.

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