Rosslare Harbour  lifeboat had a total of 22 launches in 2011 assisting 22 people to safety. The crew, on service spent over 430 hours at sea & on exercise spent 600 hours at sea giving a total of over 1,030 crew hours at sea.

In 2011, Irish RNLI Lifeboats launched 980 times with 905 people rescued. Volunteer crews spent over 9,826 hours at sea. Howth RNLI were the busiest, launching 48 times with Crosshaven second, launching 46 times. Busiest month was July with 155 launches followed by August with 124 launches.

2012 Launches

So far this year (2012), Rosslare Harbour Lifeboat has been on service nineteen times.

February 16th  launched at 12.24 to a fishing trawler off Curracloe taking on water. A salvage pump was deployed & the vessel was able to proceede to Kilmore Quay under her own power closely shadowed by Rosslare Harbour lifeboat & then Kilmore Quay lifeboat. Rescue 117 was also on scene with an extra pump.

March 10th launched at 10.48 to a local trawler with ropes fouling the propeller. The vessel was towed back to port safely.

April 21st.     Launched at 15.32 to a local sailing yacht from Wexford which got into a small bit of bother over the Splaugh Rock. With the lifeboat & SAR 117, which was in the area at the time, standing by, the crew of the yacht managed to asses the damage as being not too serious & were able to proceed back to Wexford Harbour. Rosslare lifeboat returned to the pen at 16.06. Wind North East  4. Heavy squally showers.

May 8th.    Launched at 09.50  Search pattern from Rosslare Harbour to Tuskar Rock. Person reported missing from passenger ferry  Isle of Inishmore.  Search continued for approx 3 hours until stood down by  Irish Coastguards. Rosslare lifeboat returned to pen 12.30. Wind Northerly 3. Visibility good.

May 31 st.    Launched at 23.05.  Flare sightings in the St Helens/Greenore Point area. Lifeboat & Y boat searched the area.. SAR117 also tasked. Local coastguard units checked the coastline. Nothing found. Coastguards stood down the search & rescue units. Rosslare Harbour lifeboat returned to pen 01.05.  Calm conditions. Visibility good.

June 18th. Launched at 22.34.  Sightings of  a red flare over Rosslare Bay. Search by lifeboat & Y boat. Nothing found. Coastguards units checked shoreline from Greenore Point to Carnesore Point. Coastguard stood lifeboat down & Rosslare Harbour  Lifeboat returned to pen 23.45. Calm sea. Visibility good. Air temperature 11 degrees.

June 26th. Launched at 10.20.  Search involving Kilmore Quay Lifeboat  & SAR 117 in the Saltee Island/Connibeg area. Upturned hull of a vessel sighted in the area.  The organised search concluded after the identification of the vessel. Rosslare Harbour Lifeboat returned to pen 14.15.  Wind  South West 17 knots. Visibility poor, fog. Air temperature 14 degrees.

July 10th. Launched at 17.14.  A local fishing boat from Wexford experienced difficulty whilst fishing in Rosslare Bay during a thunderstorm. Rosslare Harbour Lifeboat escorted the vessel to the Bar buoy where the Wexford Inshore Lifeboat took over & returned them safely to Wexford Harbour. Rosslare Harbour Lifeboat returned to pen & refuelled 18.00. Wind North West 2-3. Visibility fair. Air temperature 15 degrees. High Water 22.30.

July 21st. Launched 11.50.  A Wexford Harbour based yacht returning from the South coast became entangled in lobster fishing gear close to St Helen’s. Rosslare Harbour Lifeboat removed  most of the fishing gear & towed the yacht to the Bar buoy where further assistace was at hand to tow the yacht the remainder of it journey into Wexford Harbour. Rosslare Harbour Lifeboat returned to pen 14.00 hrs. Calm conditions. Visibility excellent. Air temperature 17 degrees. High Water 21.10

July 26th. Launched at 23.47. Flare sighting over Greenore Point area. Coastguard search along the coastline. Rosslare Harbour Lifeboat searched extensively. Nothing found . Coastguards stood down the Search & Rescue services. Rosslare Harbour Lifeboat returned to pen 01.30.   Calm conditions. Wind  NW 1-2. Visibility excellent. Air temperature 14 degrees. High water 23.10.

August 11th. Launched 16.20. A jet skiier sighted in trouble by a member of the public off  Rosslare Point alerted the Coastguards. Rosslare Harbour Lifeboat  located the casualty  &  towed to safety at Rosslare Point. Rosslare Harbour Lifeboat returned to pen at 17.10. Wind SE 3-4. Visibility good. High water 12.12. Air temperature 18 degrees.

August 17th. Launched 19.00.  Whilst on exercise Rosslare Harbour Lifeboat was tasked to search from Carnesore Point to  Greenore Point as some ships lifesaving equipment was found in the sea off Splaugh Rock. After some investigation the source of the equipment was ascertained & Rosslare Harbour Lifeboat returned to pen at 21.45.  High water 19.10. Wind SE 4-5. Visibility Poor, fog & drizzle. Air temperature 12 degrees.

September 1st. Launched 12.45 to a fishing boat with fouled propellors. The boat, a 17 meter razor fishing boat, was fishing close to the shore approx 2 miles north of The Raven Point. It was taken in tow by Rosslare Harbour Lifeboat & brought to the safety of Rosslare Harbour. The Lifeboat returned to pen at 14.45 . High water 07.40. Wind W  5-6. Visibility good.Air temperature 18 degrees.

September 26th. Launched 20.57. Flare sightings in the area of  The Barrels Rock. Rosslare Harbour lifeboat launched to search the area. Coastguard units deployed along the shore line. Nothing found. Lifeboat stood down 21.52. Returned to pen 22.05.               High tide 16.40. Wind N 22 knots. Visibility good. Air temperature 12 degrees.

October 7th. Launched 19.56. A local fishing boat with mechanical problems contacted the coastguard.  Rosslare Harbour Lifeboat located the vessel quickly & in turn launched her Daughter boat  & returned the fishing boat safely to the harbour. Lifeboat returned to pen 20.30. High water 22.00. Wind E 15 knots. Visibility good. Air temperature 13 degrees.

November 1st. Launched 14.46. Rosslare Harbour Lifeboat assisted in the search for a missing person, assisting Rescue 117 & Wexford Harbour Lifeboat. Area searched from Rosslare Strand to Raven Point via the Bar Buoy. Stood down at dusk & returned to pen at 17.oo. High  Water 19.30. Wind W. 15 knots. Visibility good.  Air temperature 8 degrees.

October 12th. Launched 18.30. Rosslare Harbour Lifeboat launched to assist in the search for a person  missing overboard from a ferry out of Rosslare Europort. The person was quickly located and transfered to hospital. Visibility good. Wind NE 4-5. Air temperature 14 degrees. Water 14 degrees

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